Hey everyone! I couldn’t pass up the chance to wish everyone a great holiday season and close of the year!

December always surprises me as it seems to arrive and fly by faster each and every year. And while work typically slows down, it seems like everything else in our lives speeds up!

This accelerated pace makes it that much more important to be intentional in taking time to slow down to embrace the magic of December.

So as we hopefully are all celebrating with family and friends, let’s take advantage of this season to get some rest and recovery before we get refocused and hit the ground running in 2018.


Remember the reason for the season

No matter what your faith or beliefs, let’s step back from the hustle and bustle of the shopping craziness and focus on what is truly important.

Let’s remember why we are celebrating because it’s far too easy to forget…

So during this special time of the year let’s make a promise to prioritize:

  • Time for gratitude and reflecting on all of your blessing and accomplishments over the year – I guarantee there are more than you realize!
  • Extra time with family and friends
  • Being more present – enjoy all the decorations and beauty around you (and of course all your family and friends!)
  • GIVING! Not in the sense of presents but rather give of yourself
    • Give an ear if someone needs to be heard

As I close, I want to express my immense gratitude to all of you for your viewership, support, and desire to become your very best. It is my honor and pleasure to serve, and I hope I can continue to provide value and inspiration to your life in 2018 and beyond.

I wish you and your families a safe, relaxing and magical holiday season


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