Throughout our lives we are all going to be knocked down.  Sometimes, we will be knocked down hard… knocked out of the game.

The temptation to stay down is going to be there – no matter how disciplined, focused or driven we may be – it will be there.

The question for each of us will be, how commanding of a voice will we give that temptation?

That voice can make us complacent and tell us that we’ve accomplished enough already, so we should take our foot off the gas and coast, or hang it up all together.

It can play on our fears and create hesitation about putting ourselves in a position to get knocked down again.

It can tell us that we got knocked down because we are not, nor will ever be, good enough.

Whatever that voice tells you, the end result of listening to it will be the same – failure, regret and lost potential.

It will always be easier to stay on the sideline.  It takes courage, resilience, strong desire and an internal fire to step over that line and get back on the field.

Getting knocked down is part of life – it’s part of the game – and when we get knocked down there is only one voice in our head that we should listen to.

It’s the one that’s telling us to “Get Back in the Game!”


What’s Keeping You Out of the Game?

Whether it’s a lost business deal, financial setback, devastating injury, falling off your fitness or diet plan, delivering a bad presentation, getting benched, or losing a relationship, we all begin to experience some degree of doubt about our next step.

Doubt about the next deal or relationship… Doubt about our ability to get back on track with our nutrition, workouts or finances.  Fear of the next presentation or the road to recovery following an injury.

Getting knocked down leaves us susceptible to head trash and negative self-talk.

Excuses will start piling up in your head about why you shouldn’t get back on the field or why you might as well wait until tomorrow.

Because, there is always tomorrow, right?  Yes… until there isn’t.  And is that a risk worth taking?

So put that fear and doubt aside, and get back on the field – today.

Here are a few reasons and motivating factors to help us ignore the negative voices in our head so that we can get back after it:

  • We get up stronger – We learn best from the difficulties and tough times, and build our resolve through taking what we’ve learned and applying it to the next play. Each time we get knocked down becomes an opportunity to learn, grow and step back on the field more prepared and competitive than ever before.
  • We avoid the regret – Listening to the voices, fears and doubts in our mind to stay down will plant a seed of doubt that will continue to grow inside us. Don’t be haunted by the ghosts of ‘what if‘… what if I tried again? What if I did this or that differently? Be brave, be bold, and try again – get back on the field for the next play.
  • We prove the critics wrong – It’s not just the voices in your head that will tell you to stay down… Your real critics and competition will want to see you fail, and some of those who care about you won’t want to see you get hurt again. When you are being put down or protected, embrace that chip on your shoulder and prove to those around you why you will succeed despite any and all setbacks.
  • We always bet on ourself – There is no better confidence booster than proving to yourself that you can and will rise up, get back on the field and be successful. Despite being knocked down, bet on yourself and your abilities to rise up higher than before – and win.
  • We pursue a legacy of greatness – All of those that we admire went through these same types of challenges – if not worse. As we elevate our game, the stakes get higher and the falls hurt more. Yet those that rose to the top and inspire us all kept pushing… kept getting back up… kept stepping back onto the field.  Let their perseverance and determination be a lesson to you. And in time, become the legend who inspires and teaches that same lesson to those who come after you.
  • The road to becoming our best self requires that we keeping picking ourself up off the ground when things aren’t going so well. It requires that we continue to learn – always hungry and never satisfied. Always pursuing that 1% improvement over who we were yesterday. And the truth is, none of that growth and development will come if we don’t get back on the field.
  • So no matter what challenges you’ve faced, pick yourself off, dust yourself off, tighten your chin strap and get back on the field – I’ll see you out there.

Discussion Question: What setback is keeping you from stepping back on the field and getting yourself back in the game?

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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