About Me

Hey everyone – I’m JD Williams, author and creator of Will Athletic.


My purpose is to provide value and inspiration to as many people as I can reach to help them follow their own path to becoming the best versions of themselves.Will Athletic headshot-2

I am a student of personal and professional development, and am constantly consuming more content that focuses on growing and developing one’s mind, body and spirit.  Like many, I’ve thought a great deal about the topics and content I read or watch, but have yet to speak up on how these topics impacted me or helped me to improve my own ‘self’ – until now.

Deep down, I’m an athlete at heart.  It’s been a long time since I’ve laced up my cleats and thrown on shoulder pads and a helmet, but that athletic drive, will, and mindset remain.

This blog will explore that drive and mentality and help others rekindle and let out their own inner athlete to become their best and WIN on their chosen playing field (i.e. sports field, office, boardroom, etc.).

For a little more about me, I’m very fortunate to be a husband to my incredible wife, and proud father to a wonderful daughter, with a second little girl on the way soon (should be arriving shortly after I launch this blog).  I’m currently working as an IT project manager / consultant in the greater DC metro area for a small start up government contracting firm.  I’ve recently completed my MBA from Virginia Tech, following my undergraduate work at Villanova University over a decade ago now (yikes).

Once again, I hope you find value from what you find here at Will Athletic.  It is my honor to serve you, and provide some stepping stones to help you to realize your inner athlete, create your best self, and define a lasting legacy of inspiration and greatness.

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