Is Your Life a Marathon or Sprint?

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'life is a marathon, not a sprint'? If you've heard it before or are hearing it for the first time, do you agree with it? Personally, I disagree... Think about it, life doesn’t happen at a slow and steady pace - especially if we are pursing something big and meaningful. A life of purpose requires a faster pace, and if we try to live life as a marathon at the pace required, we won't be able to handle it physically, emotionally or mentally. Now let’s dig a little deeper and start recalibrating to a sprinters pace and accelerate our path to our personal vision of success.

Battle Your Beast

What are the challenges in your life that scare you? What is that 'thing' that feels impossible to take on? What is your Beast? We all tell ourselves stories about what we can't do. We aren't smart enough, strong enough, experienced enough, in good enough shape disciplined enough... we aren't... enough. Today I challenge you to confront and Battle Your Beast.

Time for a Detox

We are surrounded by incredible resources - foods, technology, information, entertainment, etc. - all of which can have a positive impact and influence on our lives... in moderation. However, when things like social media, sugary foods, caffeinated beverages, streaming media, 24/7 news feeds become so ingrained in our lives, we run the risk of becoming overwhelmed, burnt out, and just plain unhealthy. Sometimes... it's time for a detox.

My Lessons from the Golf Course

In the past, despite not putting in the hours upon hour of practice to build up a decent game, I would walk on the course and expect more from myself than was realistic.  As a result, my anger and frustration would cloud out all the good stuff happening around me on the course, and those 18 holes would turn into my own personal mental hell. I promised myself that the next time I walked on the course, things would be different...