If you’re here, then you are someone who is hungry to work towards becoming your best!

In our pursuit of personal and professional development, we set goals, build new habits and chase high performance across all areas of our life.

But what happens when you hit a plateau?

A plateau can often result when we’ve optimized the growth areas in our life that we can see… but what about the growth areas that we can’t see?

In sports, a coach would view us from a distance; seeing all the things we were doing well and highlighting our areas for improvement. This feedback allows us, as athletes, to elevate our game, grow on and off the field, and compete at higher levels.

But now that many of us have hung up our cleats, where can we get the positive impacts of coaching outside of athletics?

Well, look no further!

Let’s talk about what coaching is through 2 of the definitions that shaped my training and journey into coaching:

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

International Coach Federation (ICF)

“Coaching is an intentional conversation in which the coach uses inquiry and feedback to support self-directed learning, increased self-awareness, and an enhanced ability to thrive.

The coaching approach is built on the science and application of well-being, resilience, and strengths-based leadership.”

George Mason Leadership Coaching Program

Will Athletic’s coaching philosophy and approach is built upon the belief that each of us embodies an ‘Inner Athlete’ that is hungry, focused and motivated to build an inspirational life that will create a positive impact in the world around us.  To that end, we must acknowledge all aspects of our self and well-being to ensure that we are firing on all cylinders to reach our potential and maximize our impact.  We must treat our minds and bodies like an athlete so that we can be ready and able to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that are ahead. 

Will Athletic believes in coaching and developing the entire person with the ultimate goal of helping you to:

1) achieve the best version of yourself
2) help you accomplish your biggest goals
3) realize your vision. 

Will Athletic is here to partner with you to optimize your body, mind and spirit, and open up new possibilities and perspectives to create an exciting and inspiring future.  Let’s work together to Unleash Your Inner Athlete.

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