Many of today’s leaders are so laser-focused on what is going on between their ears and with the tasks at hand that they forget that something exists below their neck.  As a result, more people are feeling burned out, overwhelmed, tired and unhealthy. 

Will Athletic Leadership Coaching is a whole-person coaching experience that provides clients with the support they need to not only reach their goals, but do so in a way that enables them to thrive and fully enjoy the accomplishments. Coaching sessions are dedicate one-on-one conversations that promote the client’s self-directed learning.

JD Williams is an ICF Certified Coach with over 100+ hours of one on one coaching experience helping professionals and leaders across various industries achieve new levels of performance, success and overall well-being with a holistic focus on mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Establish a strong ‘why’ behind personal change and growth
  • Build greater awareness around your strengths and growth areas
  • Build comfort around playing at your growth-edge (Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable)
  • Co-create sustainable actions and habits towards achieving goals
  • Increase your effectiveness within your team and the organization
  • Take greater responsibility, accountability and ownership for your actions and commitments
  • Build your personal resilience to take your game to the next level

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I’ve been lucky enough to have JD as a leadership coach for my team and me for over a year. We’ve collaborated on team workshop-style training in addition to personal coaching services. His coaching and teachings have made a huge impact on our team’s communication, culture and results. The best part of JD’s work is how custom-tailored his approach is. Coaching has become an integral part of our team’s collaboration and development due to JD’s influence. I highly recommend Will Athletic for individual coaching or as a resource for catalyzing team growth!

Patrick Weeks, Sonder GM for Washington, DC