A simple Google search for ‘diets’ result in 1.2 BILLION results. Where does one even start?

More importantly, how many of us have tried countless diets only to find ourselves giving up early or even gaining any lost weight back if we did finish? Or how many of us stopped a new fitness routine because it didn’t give us the results that were promised, or was unsustainable given our many demands in life?

So what if there was a better way?

Will Athletic Nutrition & Fitness Coaching is holistic approach to nutrition and fitness that helps clients create sustainable habits and practices that will enable them to reach their goals in the areas of physical health, diet and well-being while avoiding the crash of quick fixes and food restrictions and injuries from over exercising. Our Nutrition and Fitness Coaching program goes deep into your motivations for improving your diet and exercise and builds both the healthy habits and resilient mindset to make incremental yet life-long changes towards transforming your health and wellness – allowing you to enjoy life along the way!

JD Williams is a Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach and brings a passion for sustainable exercise, nutrition and recovery strategies to help you succeed at any stage of your fitness journey. JD brings a combination of training in nutrition, positive mindset development and sustainable habit creation to help clients build a foundation for lifelong thriving in all areas of their health.

Benefits of Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

  • Customized nutrition planning and guidance
  • Personalized recovery strategies to maximize performanceWork with a trusted coach and guide to develop sustainable nutrition and exercise habits to achieve your health and fitness goals
  • Develop a healthy relationship with and approach to food that will become an enjoyable way of life vs. a temporary, restrictive diet
  • Increased energy through improved nutrition
  • A positive and reliable accountability and support system

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