What Wolf Will You Feed?

How often do we experience an inner turmoil about how to be and react in certain situations, conversations or in life? Why is it that we let the negativity, anger, frustration and ego take over and, at times, define who we are in the moment... I would guess that results in us showing up as a person we really don't want to be. Yet we continue to fuel that anger, negativity and fear... we continue to feed it. But to what end? It is my wish that today's post helps us to all stop and think about the choices we have, the decisions we make, and who we truly want to be.

Uncover Your Resilience

Why do some people go through extremely difficult events and come through better and stronger than ever, while others do not? What is it that makes them different? What is it that makes them so... resilient?

Battle Your Beast

What are the challenges in your life that scare you? What is that 'thing' that feels impossible to take on? What is your Beast? We all tell ourselves stories about what we can't do. We aren't smart enough, strong enough, experienced enough, in good enough shape disciplined enough... we aren't... enough. Today I challenge you to confront and Battle Your Beast.

Play at Full Speed

We may think we are still in the game by playing it at half speed... playing it safe, yet in reality we are holding ourselves and those around us back from truly accomplishing great things. Today we all need to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we are playing our game - our job - our life, at full speed - or are we holding back somewhere? If that answer is no - that we aren't playing at full speed - then today is the day that we will elevate our game and start playing at full speed in all areas of our life.

Make a Contribution & Unleash Impact

It's one thing to to acquire all the wealth, prestige, success, accolades, etc. - people do that all the time. However, what really stands out - what really creates a lasting impact, is when we give back... when we make a contribution in the lives of those around us.

Get Your Reps In!

In a world of highlight reels and social media showing everyone's million dollar moments, we are conditioned to expect instant gratification and demand to know when it is our turn to shine. Today's post is a quick reminder that achieving meaningful greatness only comes to those who put in the countless reps and hard work to become masters of their craft.

Embrace Your Strengths and Make an Impact!

It's time to double down on our strengths and accept our weaknesses for what they are - a part of us. We are all unique, and part of that uniqueness is having our own set of talents, gifts and strengths that help us dominate on the field in our own way. Now let's dig deeper into the value of leveraging our strengths, and how by investing in them we can take the game - for ourselves and our teams - to a whole new level!

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