Change Your Lens

We all find ourselves in rough spots.  It doesn't matter how successful, wealthy, powerful or famous we may be (or not be).  It's subjective, but we all suffer at times. What matters is whether we choose to keep looking into the gutter as the lens to our future, or if we make the intentional and life altering decision to look to the stars - through the lens of infinite possibilities.

Be in the Moment

Today's world contains so many incredible technologies that can put absolutely anything we could want to see, hear or read one click away.  We are always connected to family, friends, information, news, music, shows, etc.  The list can literally go on and on. The capabilities and rewards of our world today is incredible, but what is the cost?  Let's be real - nothing 'that good' is truly free... The cost, while sounding innocent enough, is a steep one - the cost is the present moment.