Get Back in the Game

Throughout our lives we are all going to be knocked down. It will always be easier to stay on the sideline.  It takes courage, resilience, strong desire and an internal fire to step over that line and return to the field. Getting knocked down is part of life - it's part of the game - and when we get knocked down there is only one voice in our head that we should listen to. It's the one that's telling us to "Get Back in the Game!"

Play at Full Speed

We may think we are still in the game by playing it at half speed... playing it safe, yet in reality we are holding ourselves and those around us back from truly accomplishing great things. Today we all need to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we are playing our game - our job - our life, at full speed - or are we holding back somewhere? If that answer is no - that we aren't playing at full speed - then today is the day that we will elevate our game and start playing at full speed in all areas of our life.