Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I wanted to take a brief moment to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season, and an exciting final stretch to the New Year! No matter what your beliefs are, many of us throughout the United States and other countries have December 25th off as a holiday, and as... Continue Reading →

Be in the Moment

Today's world contains so many incredible technologies that can put absolutely anything we could want to see, hear or read one click away.  We are always connected to family, friends, information, news, music, shows, etc.  The list can literally go on and on. The capabilities and rewards of our world today is incredible, but what is the cost?  Let's be real - nothing 'that good' is truly free... The cost, while sounding innocent enough, is a steep one - the cost is the present moment.

Make Time for Rest and Recovery

Finding time to recharge the batteries is critical in order to maintain our intensity and forward progress.  It's also a chance for us to reward ourselves for our great progress - yes, we need to do that for ourselves too!

Strength through Gratitude

All of our time is spent looking at what we don't have rather than looking in the mirror and appreciating the gifts, accomplishments and good fortunes that we've been blessed with. If we are to live a truly complete life, then we must embrace the strength and power of gratitude.

Have a great day (on purpose)

If there was one hard lesson I learn on almost a daily basis, it would be that you need to happen to the day instead of the day happening to you. It's a lesson I keep relearning, as the smallest of disruptions could take the potential for having a great day and turn it into a domino effect of negativity.

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