My Biggest Takeaway from the 2019 NFL Draft

Every year I look forward to tuning in for the first round of the NFL Draft. First, it signals the start of the ramp up to the new NFL season and return of football! It also signifies the culmination of years of extremely hard work and maximum effort for these draft prospects and the realization … Continue reading My Biggest Takeaway from the 2019 NFL Draft

Embrace New Beginnings

Often times it is tough to close the door on one phase of our life or even one event in our life.  Endings are difficult - no doubt about it. Whether that ending is a season of life where you came away with the championship, or ended up winless, the fear of what's next can be very real. During times like these, we must remind ourselves that every ending is the opportunity for a new beginning.  A fresh start that is full of new possibilities. Where are you in our own cycle of endings and new beginnings?  Are you stuck in the past - afraid to let go, or are you hungry and ready to embrace a new beginning and all the opportunity and possibility that comes with it?

Battle Your Beast

What are the challenges in your life that scare you? What is that 'thing' that feels impossible to take on? What is your Beast? We all tell ourselves stories about what we can't do. We aren't smart enough, strong enough, experienced enough, in good enough shape disciplined enough... we aren't... enough. Today I challenge you to confront and Battle Your Beast.

Play at Full Speed

We may think we are still in the game by playing it at half speed... playing it safe, yet in reality we are holding ourselves and those around us back from truly accomplishing great things. Today we all need to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we are playing our game - our job - our life, at full speed - or are we holding back somewhere? If that answer is no - that we aren't playing at full speed - then today is the day that we will elevate our game and start playing at full speed in all areas of our life.