Are You Chasing Happiness or Fulfillment?

How many of us yearn to be truly happy in life? I would guess pretty much all of us! It's a noble and aspirational pursuit. But are we chasing happiness? Do we feel as though we are going after a moving target? For instance, do you hear yourself saying any of these things: 'once I get this, or once I have that, or once I achieve this goal I will be happy'? Again, we should all be able to have our moments of happiness, but I want to challenge the notion of whether or not it is worth chasing...

Embrace Your Strengths and Make an Impact!

It's time to double down on our strengths and accept our weaknesses for what they are - a part of us. We are all unique, and part of that uniqueness is having our own set of talents, gifts and strengths that help us dominate on the field in our own way. Now let's dig deeper into the value of leveraging our strengths, and how by investing in them we can take the game - for ourselves and our teams - to a whole new level!

Interrupt Your Story & Write a New Future

"I will never make the team." "I'm not smart enough." "I will never get the job." "I'll never lose the weight." Have any versions of these stories ever found their way into your mind? Do you ever catch yourself throughout the day putting yourself down - whether saying the words out loud or reciting them internally? These stories entrench themselves in our mind and look for every opportunity to prove to us why they are right. I'm here to tell you that they are dead wrong - but only if we take the action to interrupt those stories, and put in the work to write new ones. We are the authors of the stories that go on between our ears, so lets get's writing (or re-writing)!

There are no bad teams… only bad leaders

"We are greater than the sum of our parts" - John Green I don't think there are many quotes that speak more to the power that teams bring to fulfilling the purpose and mission of an organization than the one above. But what is it about teams that make them greater than the sum of their parts? In my mind it is clear - the leaders on the team bring that 'extra something' that turns a group of individuals into a high performing team.

My Lessons from the Golf Course

In the past, despite not putting in the hours upon hour of practice to build up a decent game, I would walk on the course and expect more from myself than was realistic.  As a result, my anger and frustration would cloud out all the good stuff happening around me on the course, and those 18 holes would turn into my own personal mental hell. I promised myself that the next time I walked on the course, things would be different...