Interrupt Your Story & Write a New Future

"I will never make the team." "I'm not smart enough." "I will never get the job." "I'll never lose the weight." Have any versions of these stories ever found their way into your mind? Do you ever catch yourself throughout the day putting yourself down - whether saying the words out loud or reciting them internally? These stories entrench themselves in our mind and look for every opportunity to prove to us why they are right. I'm here to tell you that they are dead wrong - but only if we take the action to interrupt those stories, and put in the work to write new ones. We are the authors of the stories that go on between our ears, so lets get's writing (or re-writing)!

The Corporate Athlete Meets the Inner Athlete

Prior to launching Will Athletic and exploring the concept of the Inner Athlete, I had this idea of a business or corporate athlete stuck in my head.  Sure, the excitement and experience of being on the field might not be there, but that sense of competition, desire for growth, and willingness to win absolutely existed.  So how could we harness that athlete's mindset and apply it on a daily basis in the office?  Seeing an article about making Corporate Athletes was something I had to check out.

Be in the Moment

Today's world contains so many incredible technologies that can put absolutely anything we could want to see, hear or read one click away.  We are always connected to family, friends, information, news, music, shows, etc.  The list can literally go on and on. The capabilities and rewards of our world today is incredible, but what is the cost?  Let's be real - nothing 'that good' is truly free... The cost, while sounding innocent enough, is a steep one - the cost is the present moment.

The Inner Athlete: Mind

... when it comes to the higher stakes experiences in life, how often do things go to plan?  It's at these times when, after getting punched in the face, the autopilot for 'the plan' gets turned off.  You must have the strength of mind to keep the goal line in your sights and press forward.

Have a great day (on purpose)

If there was one hard lesson I learn on almost a daily basis, it would be that you need to happen to the day instead of the day happening to you. It's a lesson I keep relearning, as the smallest of disruptions could take the potential for having a great day and turn it into a domino effect of negativity.

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