Your Rules are Holding You Back

We are conditioned from our early years to follow rules. And there is a time and place for that.  However I'm realizing that some rules must be challenged and broken if we are ever truly going to move forward and become who we want to become. Are you ready to break some rules?

Get Away and Think Bigger

Sometimes we need to break away from the routines and our 'normal' processes. Sometimes we need to escape to new places and locations to find inspiration and rev up our mind to new perspectives, insights and opportunities for massive growth. Sometimes we need to get away and think bigger.

When Will “Someday” be Today?

We all have big dreams and aspirations to do great things. And yet, how often do we convince ourselves that "today" is just not the right day to take action?  Someday, but not today. How does putting these things off serve us? And what if someday never comes?

What do you control?

We live in a world of constant change. Change which creates a growing number of opportunities and a wide array of challenges. Living in this world of constant change makes it imperative that we are able to tell the difference between what we can and can't control. If we continue to try and control all the variables, we will be doomed to frustration, setbacks and less than desired results. So how can we do things differently?


A tale of two halves... Can you think of a time or two where your first half had you pinned up against the wall? Where all signs pointed to a loss. A time when the momentum was all on the other side? We all can. The question for today, is how can we use our own halftime to create the mid-game adjustments we need to come out on fire during our second half and redefine the expected outcome? The whistle just blew - it's time for halftime.

Become a “Big Time Player”

As the NFL playoffs are kicking off and the College Football championship is upon us several 'big time players' will take the field for their respective teams and need to step up to make a literally game-changing impact on the outcome of the game and their season. These players thrive in these situations and set aside the anxiety and stresses of the moment to make it all happen. Simply put, it is an incredible spectacle to watch. So how can we bring this 'big time player' mentality into our life and onto our field? What does a big time player look like in our game? Most importantly, why can't we be that big time player for our team?

Measure Yourself Towards Success

There are numerous benefits to measuring progress towards anything you choose to do in life, and I have no doubt that if you begin incorporating measurements and tracking progress for yourself that you will see real benefits and improvements at home, work and in your community. 

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