Maximize Your Yards After Contact (YAC)

In our personal and professional lives, our 40 yard dash may be the most meticulously planned approach to achieving a goal, dream or vision. But what happens after first contact? What happens to our momentum and drive after the first obstacle or setback?

It’s OK to Press the Reset Button

Believe it or not, we are pretty much mid-way through 2018... It really doesn't feel that long ago when I wrote my posts about taking control of your New Years resolutions and lighting your fire to start 2018. So how are we all doing?

Own Your Headspace

The average person is believed to have between 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day of which 70-80% are believed to be negative. If those numbers are true for most of us, then we are basically walking through a mental minefield of energy-sucking negativity traps that can derail us from not just pursuing our goals, but also from just having a good day. So what can we do?

Pay Attention to the Seasons

Sometimes the deadlines and big projects have to get done and working those late nights and weekends are required. And then there will be times when the office is a ghost town and there is time to catch our breath. It's almost like the changing of seasons... The seasons do change in life just as in nature.  However, we can't be blind to them when they transition.  Rather, we need to have awareness of the changing seasons to take full advantage of their benefits when they arrive.

Why Will Athletic? Why now?

It takes hard work and self-reflection. It requires tireless dedication to continue to grow and become the very best version of ‘you’. It takes an athlete’s mindset to never be complacent with your current status in life or list of successes, but to always be taking incremental steps to bettering all aspects of your game.

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