Get Back in the Game

Throughout our lives we are all going to be knocked down. It will always be easier to stay on the sideline.  It takes courage, resilience, strong desire and an internal fire to step over that line and return to the field. Getting knocked down is part of life - it's part of the game - and when we get knocked down there is only one voice in our head that we should listen to. It's the one that's telling us to "Get Back in the Game!"

When Will “Someday” be Today?

We all have big dreams and aspirations to do great things. And yet, how often do we convince ourselves that "today" is just not the right day to take action?  Someday, but not today. How does putting these things off serve us? And what if someday never comes?

What do you control?

We live in a world of constant change. Change which creates a growing number of opportunities and a wide array of challenges. Living in this world of constant change makes it imperative that we are able to tell the difference between what we can and can't control. If we continue to try and control all the variables, we will be doomed to frustration, setbacks and less than desired results. So how can we do things differently?

Don’t be a sucker!

All it takes is one cave person or energy vampire to create an exponentially negative impact on your team or organization. The reality, is that these people are going to show up in our lives one way or another. It's what we do after they show up that matters - will we be sucked into their negativity spiral, or will we rise above and ensure our positivity, drive and vision for the future remains intact?

Become a “Big Time Player”

As the NFL playoffs are kicking off and the College Football championship is upon us several 'big time players' will take the field for their respective teams and need to step up to make a literally game-changing impact on the outcome of the game and their season. These players thrive in these situations and set aside the anxiety and stresses of the moment to make it all happen. Simply put, it is an incredible spectacle to watch. So how can we bring this 'big time player' mentality into our life and onto our field? What does a big time player look like in our game? Most importantly, why can't we be that big time player for our team?

Learn from the low points

The reality is that when things are great - when we are winning, receiving the accolades, moving forward, getting promoted, etc. - we aren't learning AS MUCH as when the proverbial shit hits the fan.  The low points in our lives give us the opportunity to learn, grow, and become a better version of ourselves - if we choose to listen and learn.

There are no bad teams… only bad leaders

"We are greater than the sum of our parts" - John Green I don't think there are many quotes that speak more to the power that teams bring to fulfilling the purpose and mission of an organization than the one above. But what is it about teams that make them greater than the sum of their parts? In my mind it is clear - the leaders on the team bring that 'extra something' that turns a group of individuals into a high performing team.