Face the Dark Side of Your Strengths

Before we dig into today's topic, let's take a moment to level-set. So what are strengths in the first place? Provide definition I am a huge proponent of being aware of, and playing to, our core strengths. In my mind, this is how we play our game true to who we are as individuals. Our … Continue reading Face the Dark Side of Your Strengths

Embrace Your Strengths and Make an Impact!

It's time to double down on our strengths and accept our weaknesses for what they are - a part of us. We are all unique, and part of that uniqueness is having our own set of talents, gifts and strengths that help us dominate on the field in our own way. Now let's dig deeper into the value of leveraging our strengths, and how by investing in them we can take the game - for ourselves and our teams - to a whole new level!