Winners Win

When it all comes down to the last play and everything is on the line, who are you going to give the ball to? You give the ball to the guy or gal that excels and plays their absolute best when the stakes are highest - the one that thrives on the biggest stage and isn't afraid to put themselves out there no matter the result. You give the ball to a winner... because winners win.

Be Relentless

Today's post is a bit selfish... call it a motivational speech to myself -  one that I sorely need right now.   And while I personally need this now, I know this feeling of treading water is something we all feel at times.  So I hope today's message lights you up now or some day in the future when complacency tries to come knocking... BE RELENTLESS... 

Keep Getting Up

No matter how much we train, invest, prepare, or strategize to achieve a goal, sometimes we just get knocked down. Maybe the other team trained and prepared just a little harder.  Perhaps we missed a detail on the business deal and things fell through. Maybe the job promotion went to someone else.  Maybe an unexpected storm came out of nowhere to ruin our vacation plans. Whatever it is, and no matter how hard we get knocked down, we must always be willing to dig deep and pull ourselves up again.

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