Who is Standing in Your Shadow?

How many of us have risen out of someone's shadow in our lives or careers? A parent, boss, mentor, teacher, or coach... They prepared us to step out of their shadow and take the lead in our own life. Take a moment a think of who those people are in your life... Now, ask yourself "who is standing in MY shadow right now?"

Stand for Something

The pace of society today feels, at times, impossible to keep up with.  We are busy being busy and subject to the ever increasing number of distractions and talking heads telling us what we should think, feel, eat, wear, buy, or believe in. Often in our attempt to 'keep up' we can lose our sense of identity.  We forget who we are and who we want to be.  All of a sudden we are living someone else's version of our life.  So how do we take a step back and reclaim our sense of self and write our own version of our life?  Let's start by building a foundation...